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An alternative, electromedical treatment method

What is Electro Nerve Regeneration (ENR) Therapy?

Electro Nerve Regeneration (ENR) Therapy is a breakthrough electromedical treatment proven to effectively alleviate pain, tingling, burning and numbness resulting from neuropathy and chronic nerve conditions. It is an electrotherapy treatment similar to shock therapy, and is a very effective treatment for diabetic neuropathy and nerve pain. It can successfully help neuropathy symptoms and nerve pain of varying intensities in different areas of the body. Patients have regained improved sensation range of motion, balance and restful sleep as well as eliminated pain and numbness. The treatment is performed with an advanced medical device, a breakthrough treatment for relieving nerve pain. The Electro Nerve Regeneration (ENR) Therapy is non-narcotic, nonsurgical and noninvasive. It uses a sophisticated electrical signal with a wide frequency band to successfully treat neuropathy symptoms at a cellular level, helping restore function and feeling. We have electrotherapy treatment specialists ready to help you relieve the pain of your conditions.

What does it treat?

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Neuritis
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Radiculopathy
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How does our electrotherapy work?

The Electro Nerve Regeneration (ENR) Therapy safely delivers a sophisticated electric signal to the body’s deep tissue via adhesive electrode patches. In accordance with your treatment plan, your provider will either place the electrodes anatomically to impact specific affected nerves or place them closer to a central nerve branch to treat a wider area of the body. The effectiveness of Electro Nerve Regeneration (ENR) Therapy is due to sophistication the electronic signal used. The signal has a wide frequency range that sweeps from 40,000 HZ-400HZ and the signals wave form is similar to the electronic pattern generated by the body itself. This process is what sets the Nerve Pain Center's electromedical treatment apart, and what makes it such an effective form of electrotherapy. The combination of wide frequency range and electronic capability with the body allows the signal to reach more types of cells and nerve fibers and produce greater benefit in each. Nerves are 60% more conductive than any other tissue or cells. As all energy travels the path of least resistance, this means the energy of the applied electronic signal is drawn more directly to the nerve cells, where it does the most good. The Electro Nerve Regeneration (ENR) Therapy treatment promotes change at the cellular level, increasing cellular metabolism, normalizing pH, removing excess fluids and waste products that cause swelling and pain—all of which encourage healing. The end result is a decrease in neuropathy symptoms and elimination or reduction of related pain.

No. As Electro Nerve Regeneration (ENR) Therapy is non-invasive and non-surgical, the treatments are safely done in the office.
Electro Nerve Regeneration (ENR) Therapy’s treatment is not recommended for patients who are pregnant, who have pacemakers/defibrillators, or have spinal cord stimulators.
The Electro Nerve Regeneration (ENR) Therapy has been successful for thousands of patients across the country. In more than 4 out of 5 patients. (87%), treatment resolved or significantly reeducated neuropathy symptoms such as: Pain, cramping, numbness, hypersensitivity, burning and tingling. Results have been confirmed by nerve conduction studies and nerve fiber density tests.
Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Medical Assistants can provide Electro Nerve Regeneration (ENR) Therapy at Relievus.
The Electro Nerve Regeneration (ENR) Therapy is actually a treatment course that takes place over multiple sessions typically spanning a 4 to 6-week period. The length of each individual treatment session is about 40 minutes. The patients are scheduled for 2-3 treatments per week during the treatment course. The patient’s often begin noticing improvement within 3 to 4 treatment sessions.
Depending on the individual patient factors, including the severity of symptoms, the total number of treatments can vary from a low of 8 to 12 sessions or may vary to as many as 16 to 24. The actual number will depend on the patient response treatments.
Patients typically feel improvement as a return sensation and coordination and a reduction in pain. It is important to note that in the initial stages – as damaged nerves begin to heal- the return of sensation can sometimes be experienced as pain of varying degrees. This is a normal part of the restorative process and is usually limited in duration, disappearing as treatment progresses and sensation more fully recovers.
In addition to your personal perception of changes in your symptoms, clinicians do a number of things to objectively evaluate your progress. Using a pain assessment scale, they will chart your feedback about changes in pain and other symptoms for comparison over time. In addition, they will assess improvement with physical exams. This documentation makes it easy for you to see the progress over the course of treatment.

Technical concept summary

The waveform of Electro Nerve Regeneration (ENR) Therapy’s electronic signal has a rapid rise and a slow decay, comparable to what the body produces in the form of action potentials along the surface of the nerve membrane. This compatibility permits the electronic signal to trigger sustained depolarization of cell membranes, causing their voltage-dependent gateways to stay open. The open gateways permit needed energy to enter the cell. Without sufficient energy, the cells don’t function correctly and don’t self-regulate. The open gateways also enable the energy to force out fluid, hydrogen ions and waste products (the cause of swelling and pain). This creates a healthy environment where the body can begin to heal itself. The end result is reduction of neuropathy symptoms and restorative motor and sensory improvement.

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